About PEPP

PEPP is a defined contribution pension plan. Your contributions and your employer’s contributions, plus any return on investment, will be used to provide you with income based upon your account balance when you retire.

Your account balance is the number of units you have in each investment option multiplied by the current unit value for each option. PEPP is a key way to save for retirement, in addition to personal savings and government benefits.

Our History

PEPP has a long history in the Canadian pension landscape. The Saskatchewan Public Employees Superannuation Plan (PESP) was established for permanent employees hired on or after October 1, 1977, by the Government of Saskatchewan and other participating public sector employers. On July 1, 1997, the Plan changed its name to the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP).

Over the past 40 plus years, the Plan has continually grown and changed. Today, PEPP has grown to over 71,000 members and in excess of $11.5 billion in assets under management invested by 41 investment managers through 47 different investment mandates.

Benefits Canada, a magazine on public and private sector pension and benefit plans, has ranked PEPP (based on assets) as the largest defined contribution pension plan in Canada.

Our Success

There are a number of reasons PEPP has been so successful, including our dedication to client service, eliminating some challenges that come with saving for retirement, low administration fees, economies of scale, and a variety of investment products.

We continually strive to meet the needs of all our members throughout their career lifecycle up to and including retirement.