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 PEPP Employer Administration Guide
This guide outlines the requirements of PEPP and serves as a guide to the Plan's policies and procedures.

 Employer PLANet FAQs

 PLANet File Formats

PLANet Quick Step Guides

 First Time Logging In

 Creating a New File

 Importing Data

 Copying a File

 Printing a PDF


 PLANet User Information and Authorization
Complete this form to add or remove an authorized user on PLANet.

 Contributions to PEPP While on Disability Leave
This form is to be completed when an employee is on disability leave and receiving income replacement benefits due to an inability to work.

 Employer Data Change
This form is to be completed by the employer when contact and/or contribution information changes.

 Member Account Adjustment Request
This form is to be completed by the employer when a contribution error has been made to an active employees PEPP account by the employer.

 Leave of Absence (LOA) - Contribution Options
Completed form, and payment, must be submitted within 90 calendar days of an employee’s return from a Leave of Absence.

 Voluntary Contributions
Your payroll branch will deduct your voluntary contribution(s) from your pay-cheque and forward the funds to the Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP).

Forms available by request

The following forms can be obtained by contacting a PEPP Employer Relations Coordinator at

  • Enrolment (December 2018)
  • Non-permanent Pension Choice (new employee) (February 2012)
    This form is to be completed by non-permanent employees whose employer gives them the option to join PEPP. The employer must keep a signed and dated copy of the completed form.
  • Notice of Termination  (December 2018)

Marketing Material for Members

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