Attention VPB members: You can now access your 2023 T4A from your online PEPP account. T4As will also be mailed starting February 15.

Plannera Pensions & Benefits Transition

On January 1, the Public Employees Benefits Agency will become Plannera Pensions & Benefits

Since May 2022, we have continued to share information and updates to keep you informed on the transition from the Public Employees Benefits Agency (PEBA) to Plannera Pensions & Benefits (Plannera).

Our message has remained the same from day one – your plan is not changing – only the name and structure of the plan administrator is changing. We want to reassure you that your contribution rates, entitlements, benefits and services will remain the same.

How this change impacts you

We know you rely on our websites for information related to your pension and benefits plans. To ensure you do not encounter difficulties accessing this information, you will want to update your bookmarks and favorites to the new addresses on January 1, 2024:

  • Public Employees Pension Plan (PEPP) -  
  • Plannera -
  • Municipal Employees' Pension Plan (MEPP) -

Information on the transition

Although the website will be updated to reflect the transition in December, PEBA will continue to be the administrator of the Plan until January 1, 2024 when Plannera officially becomes operational.

For more information on the transition refer to our PEBA is Transitioning to Not-for-profit Corporation page.

Plannera Pensions and Benefits